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Our favourites



Diwali was always that time of the year when we reveled in the luminous handcrafted earthen (lamps) that adorned our homes. Atah gives you a chance to relive that blissful time in your life, with our exquisitely crafted diyas, bedecked with traditional floral motifs and gold embellishments, even as they ever so gracefully complement your modern-day lifestyle.

Deepaloka (Oil Lamps)

Rewind to the bygone days when the evening’s arrival was marked by the lighting of oil lamps. Inspired from traditional brass oil lamps so integral to Indian households, the Deepaloka by Atah is an elegant, modern-day interpretation in delicate porcelain and wood that brings every home to life.


Turn back the clock, with The Ganesha Arati Book; Understanding Sukhakarta Dukhaharta, to a time when life was simpler, our evenings steeped in family banter and the singing of the Sukhakarta Dukhaharta arati in praise of Ganesha. This thoughtful book is an arati book with a difference. It is engaging and helps you appreciate the meaning of the hymn Sukhakarta Dukhaharta that you’ve been singing all your life!

About US

‘Ingeniously Indigenous’ is How We Best Describe Ourselves at Atah.
Atah Lifestyle - Premium Cultural Gifting

Atah’s journey through the wonderous world of Indian art and aesthetics is one that essentially connects us all to our abundant traditions and culture. But, we do this with a difference! We believe in bridging the gap between the sensibilities of a youthful, modern-day India and the aesthetics of a culturally-rich country like ours. Our muse? Why, India of course!