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Atah is a renaissance of everyday objects related to Indian culture and traditions.

We characterise ourselves as Global Indians, therefore the need for products we use, to emulate our sensibilities and embody our spirit. An Indian home today is a space where modernity and tradition co-exist and where Indian art and craft blend seamlessly with western aesthetics. As we celebrate this transcendent fusion, there is a category of products that yearn for our attention. Products that are fundamental to our ‘Indianness’ and connect us to our traditions but have long been presupposed.

We are reimagining and reinterpreting products of cultural significance. Harmonising them with our evolving sensibility, without compromising their intrinsic value. Infusing a bit of imagination and innovation into everyday objects. Transforming them into a medium to reconnect with the culture we revel in. Designing artefacts that become prized possessions. At Atah this is what excites us. This need for a modern Indian aesthetic that belongs to the world.

Atah products are a reflection of all of us; contemporary yes, but with culture woven into the fabric of their being.

A new-age brand like Atah deserves a logo which epitomises the essence a modern-day India that seamlessly co-exists with our collective traditional aesthetics and culture. The typeface logo portrays this contemporary yet rooted in tradition’ sensibility, through its style, embellishments and choice of colours.

Inspired by everything Indian, we created Atah’s unique typeface to be reminiscent of the Devanagari script. Like Devanagari, it too embraces a single case and is inspired from the script’s (Devanagari’s) thick and thin calligraphic strokes. The teardrop end of the Roman script that features in the letter ‘A’ is evocative of the iconic paisley pattern, which too is integral to Indian aesthetics
The two vertical dots placed one above the other at the end of the name Atah, signify the visarga sound in Sanskrit that sounds like ‘aha’, even when spelt as ‘ah’.


We always knew in our heart of hearts at Therefore Design that we wanted to be more than just another design firm. As a bunch of creative heads getting together, we had always envisioned being a part of a design revolution of sorts; one which strives to interpret conventional thinking and design styles, to suit changing lifestyles.

Nine years ago, we set up Therefore Design as a multidisciplinary design studio that works across a variety of disciplines such as packaging, communication, experience, exhibition and product design. But, it wasn’t until a few years of running a flourishing design business that we were finally able to execute some of our ideas to design lifestyle products. Our experiments enlightened us about the need to create products that are intrinsic to our ‘Indianness’ and connect us to our rich heritage. Thus, was born Atah; a renaissance of everyday objects related to the Indian way of life!

Today, Therefore Design is an award-winning agency, with prestigious awards such as the Red-Dot 2018, G-Mark 2018 and CII 2018, in our kitty.

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